Monday, July 31, 2006

Saturday, July 29, 2006

saturday Night...

In the water-front you could have the best view on sky-line and sky-scapers...but our camera hadn't can just work with your immagination!!!
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Halifax Cidatel National

...on the free week-end also busy man swith off laptop in order to show better take off t-shirt and have fun!! follow me..
Bye bye

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

OFFICIAL AIESEC MEETING at Saint Mary's University

Today AIESEC Halifax members attended official Meeting with all University Manager,included Dean and University President.
It was really interesting work-lunch,where I met and knew personally every people.
We hope schedule again these kind of meeting,in order to increase and develop AIESEC brand toward our stakeholders.....
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WORK !!!

..and now I'd like discover who told that AIESEC President is not so busy...
I'm so curious...

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

? ? ? ?

....What are you looking for...?

"Here" you find the solution to everythings !!!

To My girls...

This is a present to my girls... :)

BoA Meeting..tomorrow morning :) guys we are unlucky.. no-picture,since I leaved office at 9.30 pm,but just few sentences.
Tomorrow morning we will face AIESEC Halifax Board of Advisor ,where will partecipate 5 Company Manager and one Ceo .
It will be great event to understand a little bit more about Halifax Business environment and meet some Company Responsible.
Keep in touch guys on these pages.
See you

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Fire Scare

Last News from Halifax
00.25 am rang Fire Alarm in Loyola Building.
Arrived two fire-cars !!
00.58 information about gas leak
1.25 arrived in the room after 21 floors by walk
..... I am survivor .... :)

AIESEC Halifax Canada

My New AIESEC Team !!!

The CEED Adventura!!!

See you guys...

And now Halifax skyline !!
Just for you the Canadian "Skyscrapers" ...
..Hope these views will stimulate you to join me..
see you soon boys and girls

Hy Guys..:)

Hy man,what's up?
This was the first question that I received just landed in Halifax,Nova Scotia,Canada.
This is the city where I will spend my next months,and since I have seen the prices to phone in Italy,I decided to open my Blog...
I'm proud to invite you to visit again my pages,to find news,cool pictures and further informations about my next engagements here in Canada.
See you soon guys!!!
Bye-bye,big hug