Monday, August 21, 2006

One new week-end spent outside Halifax downtown.In the amazing environment Nova Scotia offers to everyone ,if you have time and patience, to discover this natural paradise.We were in Wallace,small village close to truro,where twelve mad guys peg down three tents in a huge field in front of the Ocean.... so sweet!!
Unfortunately was a raining night..and since we has a little hole,we woke up so wet!! and a friend of mine forgot his pillow outside, so much funny...but not for him !!
During the day we used a canoe and we saw another time seals,and swam with us..unforgettable!! On the evening instead we had a bon fire and a couple of hours after a strong storm destroyed our plans..
Now the second day is finishing and we are ready to come back.
What I will keep forever on my heart will be the hospitality, warmly, friendly with whom these guys accept me as a frienf of theirs.
Thanks so much guys...

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